Clinically Proven to Kill Greater Than 99.99% of Bacteria, Viruses, Germs and More Harmful Pathogens.

Our no-rinse solution is clinically proven to be over 100 times more effective at cleaning than traditional methods .

Give your shoppers the peace of mind they deserve. Our affordable and fully adjustable cart cleaning machine is easy to use, environmentally friendly and poses zero health risks to your customers or staff.

SaniKart. Powered by Vital Oxide.

Hospital Grade

Our Hospital Grade, all-natural anti-bacterial/anti-microbial is safe to use on all common surfaces.

Customer Satisfaction

With sanitized carts and a tag system to inform customers of the last time their cart was cleaned, you can give your customers the peace of mind they deserve.

A Changing World

In the wake of COVID-19, our world is becoming more & more health conscious. Store owners who adopt stricter sanitary standards will be ahead of the competition and will ensure happy, repeated customers.

Health Canada Approved

Vital Oxide is Health Canada & EPA approved to fight viral pathogens. Through our unique delivery system, SaniKart, we’re able to effectively eliminate up to 99.99% of all virus, bacteria, germs and other harmful pathogens using a dry mist.

Vital Oxide is shelf stable and ready-to-use without mixing. Simply wipe, spray or fog the solution straight from the bottle. There’s no need to dry the chemical after use, either, which truly makes it the best anti-bacterial/anti-microbial cleaning solution on the market. Vital Oxide may also be diluted with water for everyday use on common surfaces such as wood, stainless steel appliances, door handles, windows, carpets and more.

While Vital Oxide has many uses, we specialize in the application of this solution in numerous sectors through the use of our SaniKart solution delivery systems & equipment. To learn about our process & equipment, click here.


Environmentally Friendly





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Turn-Key Disinfectant Solution

Your Turn-key Disinfectant Solution

Disinfectant Solutions for Grocery and Retail.

 SaniKart is your one-stop shop for grocery and retail cart cleaning. Easy to use and safe for customers and staff, our solution for fighting viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens is the #1 solution for retailers and grocers seeking to do their part in helping Canadians stay safe and healthy.

Find out how our SaniKart delivery system can help your business, or explore the industries in-which our solution can help you.

Kills Up To


Of bacteria, viruses, germs and more dangerous pathogens.

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We Have The Solutions To Keep Canada’s Top Retailers and Grocers Safe for Canadians.

SaniKart is the most effective way for retailers and grocers to fight COVID-19 and other viruses. Powered by Vital Oxide, we’re able to effectively eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses and pathogens from surfaces in as little as 10 minutes.

Health Canada & EPA Approved

Trusted By Doctors & Government Agencies Across Canada.

Our products are Health Canada & EPA approved. Vital Oxide is clinically proven to be 100 times more effective at cleaning & disinfecting than bleach. It has never been more important to invest in the tools and procedures necessary to ensure a healthier Canada for everyone.

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